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Joey Scouts is where it all begins, starting from ages 6 to 7.  They meet weekly to do crafts and games, and earn participation badges together.

Cub Scouts are for ages 8 to 10, and now the program starts to get a bit more serious.  They still have their weekly meeting, but start to do more outdoor activities and occasional camps and day hikes.

The Scout program is more challenging, and here is where our 11 to 14 year olds get to start to self-govern and plan out their own Troop programme.  The older Scouts really start to mentor within their Troop to the younger Scouts.

Geared to ages 15 to 17, Venturers get the opportunity to make strong friendships, self-govern, go on outdoor adventures, and have good adult mentors during what can be a serious and sometimes stressful time in school.

Scouting isn’t just for kids! Making new friends, learning new skills, and going on adventures all while making a difference for the youth in our community – come join in on the fun!

Meet the Leaders who tirelessly give their time and efforts to lead our youth in many activities, striving to make their Scouting lives richer.


Joey Scouts are our youngest members

Joey Scouts are aged 5-7 years.

This is the first section of the Scouting journey.

Joey Scouts meet each week as a Joey Scout Mob, and wear their Section’s uniform shirt, the scarf of the local Scout Group they belong to, and a woggle to hold their scarf together.

For our youngest members, the Joey Scout program nurtures a deeper understanding of the world around them, with a growing awareness of their surroundings and nature, by getting out and about in the community.

Joey Scouts can also earn badges through their activities.

The highest achievement in the Joey Scout section is the Promise Challenge award.

Every two years, Joey Scouts have the opportunity to attend a Kangaree, a massive overnight sleepover with activities and entertainment with hundreds of Joey Scouts from all over the State.


Grey Wolf Hike

One of our Cubs (who has now linked up to Scouts) about to head off on her Grey Wolf Hike earlier in 2017.  This is one of the many activities that the youth learn to do with the support of adults, expanding their abilities and interests.

What is Cub Scouts all about?

Cub Scouts is for boys and girls aged between 8 and 10 years. They generally meet once a week as well as going on some super cool weekend activities.

There are fun camps for Cub Scouts which could have interesting themes like ‘Space Odyssey’ or ‘Pirates on the High Seas’. Those who achieve their ‘Camp Out’ badge can join a 5-day ‘Cuboree’ with hundreds of other excited Cub Scouts at Gilwell Park, near Gembrook.

Cub Scouts play fantastic games like scavenger hunts or they might build a catapult together.

They can also earn a range of badges for bushcraft, cooking, canoeing and many other skills.  There’s even a ‘Neighbourhood Watch’ badge, designed with the help of Victoria Police, which involves the Cub Scouts being aware of emergency phone numbers and learning about security issues for themselves or their homes.

The highest achievement in the Cub Scout section is to earn the Grey Wolf award.


Scouts is for boys and girls…

… aged from 10 to 14 years, to enjoy learning life skills and Scouting values in a safe, fun and youth-driven environment.

As members work their way through the higher age groups on the Scouting pathway, they’re gradually given more responsibility for themselves and others.

The activities and badges become more challenging as well. Camping for Scouts can mean a new level of self-sufficiency, and adventures can demand a greater level of risk management.

Patrol Activities are at the heart of the program. Scouts are encouraged to Plan, Do and Review activities that interest them on the way to achieving their all-important Pioneer Badge, Explorer Badge or Adventurer Badge.

The whole activity, including cost and transport arrangements, is planned with their Patrols and presented to their Troop Council for approval. Examples might include a canoeing day, a sailing course or a geocaching adventure. Afterwards, the activity is reviewed and the Troop Council decides whether to give the Patrol Activity Badge.

Scouting is youth-led and adult-supported. Leaders are often scratching their heads in amazement at the wonderful ideas that youth members come up with!

Let’s not forget one other huge event that has all of us scratching our heads! Somehow, every three years, we pull off a minor miracle by running the Australian Scout Jamboree. Thousands of Scouts camp out together for ten days of activities, based in a purpose-built tent-city with its own newspaper and radio station. Plus there are visits from Cub Scouts and day trips away from the Jamboree site.

The AJ2019 is being planned for January 2019 in Tailem Bend, South Australia. Twelve thousand Scouts are expected to take part, plus an extra 8,000 visitors over the course of the event. This experience is a highlight for any Scout, and a huge logistical challenge for those who pull it together.

Life in Scouts is never boring!

The highest achievement in the Scout section is to earn the Australian Scout Medallion.

Let’s Get MESSY!

One of our Patrols at EDAC – Eltham District Activity Camp – a long-running activity camp that usually sees Scouts come home tired and grubby, but happy!


BOULDERING – A Night of Fun for the Venturers!

Are you ready for a new ADVENTURE? Look WIDE!

Venturers are young people aged between 14 and 18 years old, dedicated to fun, adventure and serving the community.

When you’re dealing with your toughest years in school and making decisions about your future, Venturers offer vital breathing space. You can focus on friendship and personal growth, while picking up valuable life skills along the way.

Venturers enjoy interstate, national and even international travel experiences. We take time out to work on mental and physical well-being. You can learn to fly, abseil down cliffs or climb mountains.

Camping steps up to a whole new level of adventure, with snow challenges, rafting, horse riding and scuba diving. It’s all about healthy risk-taking, when so many young friends are making unhealthy choices.

As a Venturer, you can contribute to the Scouting movement through the Venturer Youth Council. Your voice really counts.

We also provide a supportive environment for you to develop your ideals. You can discuss moral and social issues, which might include religion and spirituality or gender and relationships. Scouts, Venturers, Rovers and Leaders walk together in Melbourne’s annual Pride March.

The awards system really steps up in Venturers. Your achievements can earn vocational qualifications, recognised across Australia or you can use your Scouting experiences towards your VCE.

The Queen’s Scout Award, the highest award for Venturers, is so highly respected that several universities will recognise it for entry purposes. Please view the Queen’s Scout Award brochure for more information on this opportunity.

You don’t need to have any previous Scouting experience. We’ll help you catch up.

Venturers can help you find your way in life!

Adults In Scouting

Scouting offers adults a host of rewarding opportunities to help make a difference in young people’s lives.

You’re never too old to join the adventurous life of Scouting, even if you haven’t been involved before.

Young adults, of 18 to 25, can also join Rovers for some amazing challenges and adventures.

If a leadership role isn’t for you, there are many other ways to get involved in the world’s largest youth movement, such as the Victorian Scout Foundation and Friends of Scouting.

There are also endless opportunities for all adults over 18 who step up into roles as Scout Leaders. Many of our 3500 Adult Leaders are parents of members, but many are just energetic people who thrive in a positive, supportive atmosphere and enjoy helping young people be the best they can.

The personal satisfaction of helping young people to achieve their goals is immense, and your sense of personal achievement when you help them through a hurdle is nearly as strong as theirs!

Where else can you take part in abseiling, rock climbing, scuba diving, and countless other adventurous activities with wonderful company and low costs?

Scouting Leaders have incredible travel opportunities, interstate and overseas, to share discoveries with youth members.

And you’re never alone, with thousands of fellow Leaders to turn to in a giant, supportive network of friends.

Want to know more? Check out these links for TrainingSafety, and Resources.


Our adult support network is boosted by two great groups of friends who are passionate about Scouting (even if some supporters have never donned a Scout scarf. The Australian Scout Fellowship and the Friends of Scouting organisation are two great ways to be involved in Scouting.

For those who have enjoyed the Scouting adventure, it’s an unforgettable experience. No matter what direction your career and family have taken you, the Scouting network can always be part of your life.

Splash presenting Raksha with her Wood Badge, signifying that she has completed her Advanced Training as a Cub Leader.


This video is the first in a series of videos titled ‘Stuff Scout Leaders Say…’.

These videos introduce you to some of our fantastic Scout Leaders who explain why they love being a part of Scouting and how the skills they developed through being a Scout Leader have benefited them.

Trained Leaders Leading Our Youth

Your Children Are In Good Hands


Our Leaders pour their hearts and souls into leading our youth and putting on activities for them.  All adults who work as volunteers with youth are required to have a current Working With Children Check, and going further, Uniformed Leaders also have reference checks, a national police check, an initial interview and regular reviews. Scouting has ALWAYS been vigilant and pro-active on child protection – police checks for aspiring Leaders began in the 60s, nearly 50 years before the WWC Check.

Malcolm Noyle

aka “Baloo”

Group Leader

Having recently received his 5 year service badge, Malcolm started out as a parent helper with 2 children in the Group, and then moved to Assistant Cub Leader. He’s now our Group Leader, and it’s his job to guide our team of Leaders to greatness in their roles. He doesn’t have to spend time in the sections very often, but he LOVES the chance to get loud with the kids and they love it when Baloo visits!

Dinnae Galloway

aka “Unicorn”

Assistant Group Leader

New to the Group in 2017, with 3 boys in 3 sections, Dinnae started out by volunteering to “just help out with the website.” But, not being one to do things by halves, a couple months later Unicorn jumped in with both feet, and is now passionate about helping to support our Leaders in putting on the best programme possible for the kids.

Michael Reichelt

aka “Ickis”

Assistant Venturer Leader

Ickis joined the group in March 2016 as a parent of a Cub. He now has two children in the Scout section with one linking up to Venturers in the near future.  Mick is looking forward to Venturing along with his son and his mates. Mick enjoys camping, online gaming and plays footy in his spare time.

Stacey Eddington

aka “Jupiter”

Venturer Leader

Stacey joined Scouting in 1998 as a Joey and continued through all 5 sections. She is due to be “booted” from Rovers in February 2018, which will mark TWENTY YEARS as a Youth Member for her.  Jupiter views being a Leader as the perfect way to give back to Scouting all that she has received from it over the last two decades. Stacey feels that the best part of being a Leader is watching the youth lead themselves, and seeing how they take charge of their own program.

Warren Lyons

aka “Wazza”

Scout Leader

Celebrating 25 years of service as a Leader in Scouting in early 2018, Warren has experienced 7 National Jamborees. All 4 children of his children have been part of Scouting, and two of them are still current Youth Members. It’s been very gratifying for Wazza over the last 25 years to enjoy the transformation that occurs in the Scout section as the Youth members realise their own potential.

Bec Reichelt

aka “Splash”

Assistant Scout Leader

All it took was her 2 kids’ Scout Leader, Wazza, needing a sidekick, and a camping-loving Bec was sold and signed on as a leader in November 2014.  Splash values volunteering in her community, and loves that the teaching of basic life skills gives Scouts opportunities to take care of themselves where the Leaders stand back to watch it happen. Bec really lives our #YouthLedAdultSupported motto…. So much so that she’s hardcore: she breaks ankles yearly to represent resilience to our Scouts!

Callum McKechnie

aka “Grease”

Assistant Scout Leader & Joey Helper

Grease is a “lifer.” A member of the Scouting Movement since Joeys, he’s done the rounds at 4 different groups in our region: 1st Lower Plenty, Montmorency, 1st/2nd Greensborough and now 1st Doreen.  Callum spends more weekends away camping than at home, and he couldn’t imagine growing up without Scouting.  He feels he’s still more of a kid than a leader sometimes, so he’s really keen to enable youth to grow up and have the same chance to experience Scouting like he did.

Ange Garro

aka “Rocky”

Trainee Asst Scout Leader & Trainee Asst Cub Leader

Write-up coming soon – Rocky is a busy Cub and Scout Leader! 😉

Sharon Noyle

aka “Raksha”

Assistant Cub Leader & District Cub Leader

Sharon became a cub leader back in 2011 when both her children enrolled in the group. It was an opportunity to spend quality with them as well as to learn new skills herself. Within 6 months Raksha finished her basic training and became the Cub Pack’s first Akela. Although her children have moved on, Sharon remains dedicated to the group and her pack, their adventures, and watching the cubs grow along with the friends they make.  These things continue to drive Sharon to make our Cub Pack the best it can be.

Josh Shanley

aka “Keego”

Cub Leader

Write-up coming soon – Keego is a busy Cub Leader! 😉

Hana Laffan

aka “Platypus”

Joey Leader

After being a Scout since age twelve, Hana decided it was time to experience the other side of Scouting and become a Joey leader.  Since then she has spent more time on parenting and teaching websites, looking for craft and activity ideas, than is normal for someone without kids or teaching qualifications. While spending an hour every week in an echoey room with a gang of noisy kids may not sound like the best of times, Platypus wouldn’t rather be spending her Wednesday nights any other way.

Louise Knell

aka “Leela”

Trainee Assistant Cub Leader

Write-up coming soon – Leela is a busy Cub Leader!

Binny Sudan

aka “???”

Trainee Assistant Cub Leader

Write-up coming soon – Binny is a busy Cub Leader! 😉

Mark Lancaster

aka “Gandalf”

Trainee Assistant Venturer Leader

Write-up coming soon – Gandalf is a busy Venturer Leader! 😉

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