Volunteer Roster Sign-Ups | 1st Doreen Scouts
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Volunteer Roster Sign-Ups

Click Here to Login If Needed


*** You do NOT need to do this if you can see the links to the sign-up sheets below.
*** Clicking this button will open the login page in a new tab. Login there, CHECK THE BOX THAT SAYS “Remember Me.” Come back to this page, refresh it, and the sheets below should be visible.


You must be logged in to a valid account to view and sign up for volunteer opportunities.


To easily share this page, please share this URL (instead of the long one in the url bar): http://bit.ly/dsgvolunteer


If you can see the signup sheets above, that means that you are logged in.  If you can’t see the signup sheets, and you are seeing an AMBER notification bar, you are NOT LOGGED IN.  Please click the button at the top of the page to do so, or read more for other options.


1. If you are not yet logged in, please do so HERE (opens in a new tab) in order to manage your volunteer shifts. (You will not be able to sign up without being logged in.) Don’t forget to CHECK THE BOX that says “Remember Me.” This will enable you to stay logged in and click onto individual signup sheet links from facebook, email, etc and get into them without having to go back to the website profile page. Once you have logged in, come back to this page and click the refresh button. The sign up sheets SHOULD be visible.


2. If you are a registered member (or parent/guardian of one) of 1st Doreen, then you might already be registered on this website with an account.  Please check your email (spam folder included) for an email from 1stdoreen@gmail.com with your login details.  If you can’t find it, you can go to the Lost Password page HERE (opens in a new tab).  Please note that the system will often take 5 to 10 minutes to send through your password reset link, it is not instant. You will need to click on or copy/paste the link that arrives in your email and follow the instructions to reset your password. Then, follow the steps above.


3. If you are newer to the Group, and you’ve never had to use this form before, you might not yet be registered.  Please send me a message on Teams (Dinnae – Unicorn) so I can create your account for you. If you are not yet on Teams, well, we need to rectify that as well! Please email me at 1stdoreen@gmail.com so I can create both your Teams account, and your login for volunteering.


4. For members of our Community who wish to help out and volunteer with us as well, we welcome the help!  Please reach out via email on 1stdoreen@gmail.com so we can register your account so you can sign up.